Thursday, November 17, 2005


Needed: A comma as well as friends to replace those that seem to keep zipping off overseas for coffee, etc.

By Ana Samways

Owners of a red diesel-powered Range Rover with roof racks and rego starting with TM who have teenage boys, please take note: A reader writes, "One wonders if it is the same three youths mentioned in Tuesday's Sideswipe column who successfully - if one can call it that - smashed the glass in the bus shelter opposite St John's Theological College early on Sunday morning and also, the week before, in the shelter just outside the college? Perhaps they would not be as destructive if they actually had to catch a bus instead of being loaned their parents' car!"

* * *

Our Air New Zealand cabin crew member might have mixed his semolina with his salmonella, but over at Freedom Air they at least have a sense of humour: A reader writes: "Two weeks ago on a flight to Christchurch, we waited on the tarmac in Auckland for over an hour because of a no-show passenger whose bag was on board. When we finally arrived late in Christchurch, the delightful woman on the intercom said the following: 'At Freedom Air we pride ourselves on having the most professional crews in the industry. Unfortunately, we're not one of them.' And: 'If you're visiting Christchurch, welcome, and if you're returning home, we're sorry.' And: 'Don't forget to collect your personal belongings from the overhead lockers. And your children.' Her spiel went down a treat. She was applauded."

* * *

Dear Sideswipe,

What ever happened to the naked swim with Bob Harvey. I went on TradeMe just now and it's gone. Do we know how much it raised, and who and why on earth they bought it?

A: Keen to get his name (and mug) in print whenever humanly possible, Newmarket Business Association head (and former sidekick to Mayor Banksie) Cameron Brewer purchased the prize for $105 and donated it to Auckland's three other metropolitan mayors and the Minister for Auckland Issues - all in the name of closer regional relationships. (P.S. The Newmarket Business Association's coming Xmas bash makes no mention of a dress code or lack thereof, but if there's a photo opportunity up for grabs no doubt Brewer will de-kit in a flash.)


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