Thursday, March 02, 2006


The floating hot tub

By Ana Samways

Sideswipe's pick of the Dargaville A&P show this weekend is this hippy hot tub, which uses no chemicals, no electricity and runs on gas or firewood. It heats up in an hour and is portable. Yes, you can move it around from picturesque location to picturesque location by rolling it on your own or teaming up with one other to lift it ... and it even floats. Cool. (Source:

* * *

Eleven Winter Olympic Events We'll Never See.

11. Yellow Snow Eating Contest.
10. Inebriated Giant Slalom.
9. Quadathlon - Skiing, Shooting, Drinking, Driving.
8. Speed Scraping.
7. Finnish Sauna Marathon.
6. Synchronised Snowman Building.
5. Polar Bear Outrunning.
4. Ice Diving.
3. Three-Man Ice Lake Skinny Dip.
2. Men's Single Dagger Reindeer Slaughter.
1. Snow Angeling.

* * *

Gordon Eade of Papatoetoe has just had his eyes done. His doctor advised him he was allowed to do light housework (not more than turning on a light switch), no sporting activity (except Chesterfield rugby) and not to lift heavy objects. Gordon was happy enough with these rules but when told he can't fly he wondered why not. "Because, Gordon, you'll disrupt all the other passengers when your eye explodes," said his doctor.

* * *

A story of cellphone abuse and subsequent justice posted on a Boston blog ( "... And then her phone rang again. But this time, before the second ring, the elderly woman sitting next to me leans over, grabs the woman's phone, shuts it off, closes it, and puts it in her voluminous handbag. Cellphone woman is spluttering and cursing and glaring, but Ms Elderly Cool Cucumber fixes her with a steely, schoolmarm-ish gaze and tells her, 'This isn't your home. You're very rude. You may have it when the movie is over.' I thought people were going to stand up and cheer ..."

* * *

Spanish brewer Grupo Cerveza Alhambra is advertising its new beer can design featuring a "lip wrapper" made of tin. The brewer says this is supposed to keep the lip clean, so that you can enjoy both alcohol and good health. (In these times of pending pandemic, anything that separates what is ingested and all the nose-picking, free-sneezing non-handwashers out there, the better).

* * *

In NSW you don't need to be armed to be charged with armed robbery. The Sydney Morning Herald explains: "Under section 97 of the NSW Crimes Act, 'armed robbery' is defined as 'robbery while armed and/or in company'. This means that if there are two of you, and you do not carry a weapon, you can still be charged with armed robbery despite being unarmed. Even if both of you are unarmed."


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