Wednesday, March 08, 2006


By Ana Samways

Makers of the iconic cartoon show The Simpsons have filmed its opening titles using real actors (The Simpsons live) It's brilliant and worth watching, even if it's marketing to promote the new series, about to screen in the UK and screening here later this year.

* * *

A reader named Marilyn writes: "To the person who lost their long-haired neutered cat in the Mairangi Bay area, they may not have recognised it in the Lost Pets column in a North Shore community paper last week - 'Found, grey and white long head cat, muted male'. Same paper has also managed to print 'a spade dog'. Perhaps the person who takes the phone ads could be encouraged to learn some animal terms."

* * *

A 29-year-old man was convicted last month after he jumped over a fence at the White House to meet up with Chelsea Clinton. According to an officer, the man seemed unfazed at being told that the Clintons no longer lived there, but did say that "George Bush told me to jump the fence, and I jumped the fence." (Source: News of the Weird)

* * *

Sitting at the lights on the corner of Central Park Drive and Lincoln Rd, a reader named Rose noticed the typical Kiwi family in the clean, late-model family wagon - mum and dad and the two kids in the back. All very respectable until dad lights up a filthy fag. "How can people think it is acceptable to smoke in the car with small children when you're legally prevented from smoking in bars?" she asks.

* * *

Shopping tips from Victoria Beckham, courtesy of Britain's Glamour magazine.

Tip one: Do your shopping all over the world. "I was in Japan not long ago, and I went High Street shopping and picked up loads of great clothes," she enthuses in a piece called "10 commandments". She helpfully adds; "It's fantastic because they make everything in tiny sizes."
Tip two: One should never, ever leave home without one's "sunnies".

Tip three: Idolise Audrey "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Hepburn.

Oh and by the way, it helps to spend about £100,000 ($267,000) a year on your wardrobe.

* * *

Richard Foulkes-Austin was another mug who paid $4 for chips at the cricket. He writes: "Responding to NZC's lament of slow tickets sales, I took my 2-year-old daughter to the game. After paying $11 for her and $37 for me plus two cartons of chips at $4 a pop (I got a few of them) plus a fruit juice for $5, we left 1 1/2 freezing hours later to go home and warm up. She did enjoy the Mexican waves, though."


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