Friday, March 10, 2006


By Ana Samways

A Coke promotion in Newmarket's Two Double Seven uber-mall offers punters the chance to win a $10,000 Coke Credit Card and the billboard includes a mock credit card (above). Closer inspection reveals the sample name used is one D. Henderson. As in David Henderson, the high-profile developer of Princes Wharf who was convicted last year of soliciting for cocaine? Some clever-dick ad man will be hoping the joke doesn't offend their sugary client.

* * *

Trade Me deal sparks wit: On the Trade Me message boards some wag joked that new owner Fairfax was going to change the online auctions site's name to Stuff Me. And online wine trader Advintage released a statement in its newsletter suggesting it may change the name of its successful wine site to Wine Me. "The idea struck us on Monday morning after smoko, but we were really convinced we were on to a winner about 7 on Monday night just after watching One News," an Advintage representative explained. "We're hoping that the catchy Wine Me name will grow our current database to have approximately 1 million new members by the end of the month ... Obviously at that stage we're expecting to be targeted by a corporate takeover and we're planning for that now."

* * *

Eden Park should be in the airline security game. Martin Lawrence of Mairangi Bay writes: "When friends of mine tried to enter they showed the security staff a small plastic bottle of water, and a bottle of chardonnay. The water was special detoxified and treated water for the woman who gets a bad reaction to other water, but she was made to tip it out on the ground, because 'the bottle could be used as a missile'. The staff claimed that they could confiscate the man's bottle of chardonnay. Only after a prolonged altercation did the staff allow him to take it back and return it to his car ... Perhaps this sort of thing partially explains why the ground was only one-third full."

* * *

Angie Lavin of Swanson noticed when she completed her Census form on Tuesday that there was no question about whether she intended to commit a crime. "I wondered, how on earth will the Corrections Dept be able to plan and make accurate predictions for the future," she says.


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