Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Reader Jim Tobin snapped this easily misconstrued sign outside a church in Taradale, Napier

By Ana Samways

Two Act staffers used footage of Nazis to entertain guests at a private party at the weekend. The cheeky righties were Act's communications manager Gavin Middleton and an unnamed researcher. Party guest and prolific blogger David Farrar from Kiwiblog site said it was "very weird to be singing along to Uptown Girl while the projector is showing Nazi propaganda films. Very bad taste humour but, hey, if people call Actoids Nazis then [sic] might as well live up to the stereotype". Reactions to this behaviour split on predictable lines. Act leader Rodney Hide said: "What people do at private parties I think is their own business." National's Richard Worth said: "There's a strong Jewish community in Epsom and it's not appropriate for Mr Hide's staffer to hold such parties." Later Farrar updated that the film was actually a documentary on the war, not a propaganda film, that was being used as wallpaper at the booze-fuelled party. Which makes it better how? The Nazi footage aside, other issues of taste at the Act event that should be reprimanded include playing Billy Joel's Uptown Girl (even if it is Act's unofficial theme song), blogging during a party ("The vodka and bailys [sic] is flowing well and all are happy. A good crowd and a superb view from the Penthouse. It may be a long night. DPF from the Penthouse!") and yes, grown-ups bragging about booze (see above).

* * *

Fendall Hill of Northcote writes: "Malcolm Walker's story on the leather jacket's reputation in the 80s reminds me of the time I was ejected from the ten-pin bowling centre in Takapuna for wearing a "patch". As a student in 1985, I had tipped battery acid on the lap of my brand-new jeans, and had to sew on a small brown leather elbow patch to cover the holes. I was asked by the manager to "finish my game and leave" as the wearing of "patches" was specifically prohibited in the house rules posted on the wall behind us. My church friends and I restrained ourselves from wrecking the joint and left compliantly."

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Perhaps we are looking in the wrong place for our Games cyclists. This from the NZ Post careers website: "The role of postie suits someone who is passionate about delivering great service ... We think of our posties as athletes and can provide advice on nutrition and hydration."


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