Monday, April 24, 2006


Mike Moore Autos in Palmerston North has just the vehicle for the moody maiden.

By Ana Samways

A reader swears she heard Tagata Pasifika presenter Beatrice Faumuina say one of the highlights of opera singer Jonathan Lemalu's career was singing in the convent garden. Maybe someone could enlighten Beatrice that Covent Garden has nothing to do with the Catholic Church!

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Norml News, which is a great read, has kindly provided some tips about how to get stoned the healthy way. Including: use organic cannabis; sterilise your bong/pipe between sessions; don't share joints and pipes because of the risk of meningitis; avoid cannabis when pregnant.

And my favourite, "mixing cannabis with alcohol can make you more out of it than you intended".

* * *

Murray Hunter writes: A very lucky man is how police describe a visitor to Whangamata who was processed for drink driving and had a reading of exactly 400. The man had just turned 20 and the legal limit for 20 and over is 400. A 17-year-old has a 150 limit. (Source: Coastal News)

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Website B3ta asked its readers for stories from great teenage parties they'd been to. As expected most involved trashing houses and throwing up, but there was this: "To ensure numbers we invited everyone. And then they [apparently] invited everyone else. We ended up with approximately 150 people in our house, most of whom we didn't know. Did they wreck it? Did they have sex in our beds? No. In fact they protected our stuff. So much so, that when my mate went to get some money from his room he was stopped by a bunch of guys who thought he was stealing. Did they believe him when he said it was his room? No. They beat him up for stealing." (Source:

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See, oil is a finite resource: An advert on the toilet wall at St Lukes cinema complex spotted by Michael Geraghty says BP and St Lukes shopping complex have come together to offer shoppers a $10 petrol voucher for every $150 spent at the mall. This is a limited offer and only while stocks last.


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